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congress information desk

The Congress Information Desk will be located in the Atrium in the Foundation Building in the centre of the University Campus. It will be open as follows:

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venue related information

For parking information, maps etc, please see our venue page. For information on how to get to the University of Limerick, please see getting to the Congress.

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tourist information

The official Limerick Tourist Information Office is located at Arthur's Quay in Limerick city centre. It is open 6 days per week during the holiday season (Monday - Saturday) and 5 days per week off-season. More information about the Limerick Tourist Office, including opening hours, can be found here.

Tel: 061-317522

Website: The official tourist information website for the whole of Ireland is There's a wealth of information available there - places to go, things to do, what's on, accommodation, and getting around by various means of transport. And there's information specially for international visitors - scroll down to the bottom of the home page and click 'International Visitors'.

Also useful is

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emergency telephone contact

If you are in a serious emergency situation and do not know what to do, please contact our dedicated Congress Helper (the number will be displayed here nearer the Congress). Please do not use this number for anything other than serious emergency situations. For general information, please contact the Congress Office or information desk.

Useful phone numbers:

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congress badge

Your Congress Badge is your admission ticket to all sessions. Please wear it at all times, or you may be refused admission to Congress sessions.

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Banking on campus is facilitated by Ulster Bank. The branch can be found in the Student Centre, and there are a number of ATMs (cash dispensing machines) around the campus.

Branch opening hours are 10:00 - 16:00 Monday to Friday.

Numerous banking facilities and ATM can be found in the city itself.

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currency & exchange

The monetary unit of Ireland is the Euro. 100 cents equals one Euro.

Foreign currency and traveller's cheques are exchanged in banks or post offices or at airports.

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irish opening hours

Shops are generally open from 8:00 or 9:00 to 18.00 from Monday to Saturday (with an interval of one or two hours). Some, but not all, shops are open on Sunday 12:00 – 5.00. In cities, supermarkets and department stores are open all day long and once a week they are open in the evening. Banks are open from 10:00 to 16:00 from Monday to Friday and are closed on Saturdays.

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irish weather

Rainbow over Irish landscape

It is often said that you can experience all four seasons in one day in Ireland! So be prepared for warm weather, cool weather, wind and rain! You can expect some beautiful rainbows. Average summer temperatures are between 16 and 21° Celsius, or 60 and 70° Fahrenheit. For more information see

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plugs & voltage

The electrical supply in Ireland is 230V 5Hz. Plug sockets are the same as those used in the UK. For more information see

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University of Limerick shop

on campus shops

The University campus is serviced with retail outlets to cater for the campus community.

There are stationery and food shops, laundry facilities and a bank.

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congress bazaar / book store

For your convenience we have arranged a bazaar and book shop in a large room for the sale of books and other Congress related items. Hours of opening are: Sunday-Friday 10.00 to 18.00 and Saturday 10.00 to 12.00. The bazaar and book shop will be in the Atrium, Foundation Building.

The cost for selling and displaying items is free to registered attendees and 200 Euros for non-registrants. We cannot guarantee any security for items left unattended in the bazaar and book shop. Please let us know if you would like to reserve a table in the shop. We will attempt to accommodate everyone.

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University of Limerick contemplative space

contemplative space

The Contemplative Space is designed for quiet contemplation, meditation and silent prayer. The space is shared by all faiths and services are organised regularly.

Open daily. More details here.

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university classroom equipment

digital projector, dvd player, cd player, etc

If you will be using the University's audio or visual equipment (digital projector, DVD player, CD player, etc.) for your congress workshop, we will have training sessions on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday mornings at 8 a.m. in the University Red Building, Room A11.

The equipment can sometimes be confusing, so please learn to use the equipment ahead of your workshop time. We will have to end the instruction at 8:45 a.m. so please arrive promptly at 8 to make sure you learn how to use your room's equipment completely.

laptops and cables for presentations

If you will be using a digital projector for your workshop or presentation, please bring your own laptop or iPad / tablet that you will run your presentation program on. We will not have laptops or computers available for use. Since there are so many styles of laptops, be sure that your laptop has a VGA (female) out port, or an adaptor to connect to a VGA (male) cable that will go to the projector.

Don't forget plug adaptors that fit the standard Irish or UK electrical sockets used in Ireland if you are coming from afar. Also please bring your own laser pointer if you wish to use one.

Nearer the Congress, we will display here the name of the person who will be handling the equipment questions in the University classrooms.

We also will not have laptops available for the Congress Hall.

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head books & floor coverings

So many workshop presenters have asked for head books (supports for the head when lying down) that we will be unable to provide for such a number. Please bring with you something that you can use underneath of your head when lying down, so that you can use it in multiple workshops. Many of the workshop rooms have beautiful hardwood and modern floors so please bring a mat or blanket with you.

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Please help us be absolutely sure any tables you use are completely set up and locked into place. They may be taken up and down during the week.

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Old clock face


Please start and end your workshops on time, as your attendees will need to move on to their next workshop, and there may be another teacher coming into your room who needs to set up for their workshop.

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personal responsibility

Neither ATCA, Alexander Technique Congress Association nor any of its agencies can accept any responsibility for any accident, injury, illness, damage or loss howsoever caused to any person attending or involved with the 10th Alexander Technique International Congress.

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Neither the directors nor any of the congress helpers can accept any responsibility for any loss or injury resulting from any cancellation or failure of presenters or entertainers.

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