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Here are some more events and activities to explore during the Congress:

qi gong

with barbro olsson

Barbro Olsson, offering Qi Gong at AT Congress 2015

'Greet the early morning - let your directions flow through Qigong movements'

We will meet in the Pavilion Function Room at 7:15 on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday mornings. The session will include Qigong and meditation and will last approximately 45 minutes. If the weather is good we can try to find a suitable spot outside.

We all need gentle exercises. The Qigong movements are easy to follow, will give you energy and tune your body and mind. Slow, repetitive movements, of opening and closing, up and down, circular, diagonal, turning. We will explore how to find stillness in movement and movement in stillness.

Qigong is part of Chinese medicine and consists of movement, powerful positions and meditation which helps Qi (life energy) flow through the meridians (energy channels) in the body. The traditional Chinese meditative exercises of Qigong have been used throughout history in the pursuit of a healthy, long life. Alexander Technique helps you to be present and concious of your movements and the ability to stop and direct your body will deepen the effect of Qigong. These two disciplines complement each other in a very natural way.

Barbro Olsson is from Sweden and trained with Jeanne and Jørgen Haahr at ATTC in Totnes, England (1985-1988). She gives talks, private lessons, workshops and runs a private studio in Göteborg. She became a Qigong instructor 1995 and has Qigong classes at a spa, at elderly homes and private groups.

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artist in residence

Aisling Hedgecock

Aisling Hedgecock, resident artist at AT Congress 2015

The Congress is pleased to welcome visual artist Aisling Hedgecock as our roving 'artist in residence'. Aisling will be documenting the Congress through her own artistic eye, so you might see her at various events or even visiting classes.

She is an internationally recognized visual artist in drawing and sculpture. Her recent projects include a residency at The Royal West Academy of the Arts, Bristol, UK and solo presentations in The Netherlands and Norway.

Aisling's starting point often derives from a scientific mode of enquiry, such as looking at fluid dynamics, algorithms, capturing matter in a state of flux, or the breaking down of geometry to formlessness. Bringing hidden directions and energies visible and perceptible to the world. As she states, 'thinking through making is central to my practice'. Welcome, Aisling.

Website: www.aislinghedgecock.com.

A Star Is Born by Aisling Hedgecock, resident artist at AT Congress 2015 Surface Disruption by Aisling Hedgecock, resident artist at AT Congress 2015

Sculpture: A Star is Born, Materials: Orange Powder coated Steel Framework, Polystryene Beads, Glue, Paint, Cardboard, Jesmonite, L70cm x W70cm x H70cm, 2013

Drawing: Surface Disruption (This Could Be the Place) Materials: Graphite & Coloured Pencil on Watercolour Paper, 152cm x 122cm, 2012

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video room

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There will be a video room available every day from 9am until 6pm where you can watch videos of past Congresses. There will be a DVD player and a projector screen in a cinema-type setting. There will be a supply of DVDs available for the use of Congress participants.

The venue will be the Charles Parsons Lecture Theatre, which is room C1-063 in the Main Building, Level 1 (Block C).

dedicated youtube channel

If you are interested in footage of Congresses and AT teachers, past and present, you'll find a wealth of videos on our Youtube channel, here. (If you want to contribute or suggest videos, please contact us).

alexander technique congress 1986

Here's a very short taster:

For more about the history of the Congress, visit our Congress history page.

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sports activities

You can buy a pass for €10 which will give you access all the sports facilities of University of Limerick for the week. You can go to the gym, for a run or a swim. Note that you don’t have to wait for the free afternoon - you can use these facilities throughout the week. More details here. You can purchase your pass at the Congress Information desk.

University of Limerick indoor swimming pool University of Limerick indoor all-weather running track

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impromptu music, singing and dance sessions

People who wish to play music, sing or dance may use the Irish World Academy (IWA) Building where there are purpose built music and dance rooms - when these are not in use for workshops etc. Musicians are also free to use a special designated area in the Pavilion bar at anytime.

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