Participants at a workshop at the Alexander Technique 9th International Congress 2011

john woodward uk

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Photo of John Woodward, presenter at the Alexander Technique Congress 2015

workshop: fri 14 aug | details

John Woodward has a lifelong interest with human movement. After taking a degree in psychology he researched into movement control at Nottingham University and afterward played and taught guitar. John was taught by a second generation of Teachers of the Alexander Technique at the Alexander Teaching Associates College in London and with Don Burton in the Lake District in the early1980s. He qualified in 1985.

He started up a teaching practice in the mid 1980s before moving into Bashful Alley in 1989. Lancaster has given John a privileged and full experience of teaching the work full time. He has devised ways to develop and teach this work in his own particular style.

For a number of years John has worked as an Alexander Technique Teacher for CancerCare in Lancaster. John also heads the Natural Running team who teach courses on how to run more effectively, efficiently and with joy.

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