Participants at a workshop at the Alexander Technique 9th International Congress 2011

rebecca nettl-fiol usa

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Photo of Rebecca Nettl-Fiol, presenter at the Alexander Technique Congress 2015

workshop: mon 10 aug | details

Rebecca Nettl-Fiol, Professor of Dance at the University of Illinois, is a teacher, choreographer, and author, specializing in the Alexander Technique and dance training. A faculty member at Illinois since 1982, she certified as an Alexander teacher with Joan and Alex Murray in 1990. She has been invited to teach and present her work throughout the U.S. and abroad, most recently as a keynote speaker for Dance and Somatic Practices Conference in Coventry, England, and with Luc Vanier at the International Association for Dance Medicine and Sciences conference in Seattle and Freedom to Move Conference in New York City. Rebecca and Luc’s teaching and research over the past 15 years has resulted in the book, Dance and the Alexander Technique: Exploring the Missing Link (University of Illinois Press 2011). She is also the co-editor of The Body Eclectic: Evolving Practices in Dance Training (U of Illinois Press 2008).

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