Work exchange at Alexander Technique Congress 2011

work exchange

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The Congress will offer a number of rooms for work exchange. These will be open for an unprecedented amount of time – from 9am until 9pm each day!*

Teachers and third year students: Our aim for the whole Congress is one of sharing the support and wisdom that we all embody in our work. So, please make the most of this opportunity. You'll find plenty of people to exchange with onsite. Plus, the exchange experience is an oasis – a chance for rest and ease to reset your internal balance during the busy-ness of the Congress. In an atmosphere of peacefulness, you’ll find that your learning will deepen and your energy sustained throughout the week.

*Closing around 6pm on the last day

location of work exchange rooms

main exchange room for all

The main exchange room for the Congress is in the ICO Hall, on the ground floor of the Irish Chamber Orchestra (ICO) Building, which is situated adjacent to the Cappagh Village accommodation apartments, which is where most people will be staying. It is a wonderful, spacious room, with plenty of light and space. All AT teachers and trainees are welcome to use this room.

exchange room for trainees and newly-qualified AT teachers

There is another exchange room for trainees and newly-qualified AT teachers, who wish to work with others with a similar level of experience. This room is EG0-10 in the Main Building on the ground floor, very close to the Foundation Building, where the Plenary events will be held.