Actively engaged in a continuous learning session at Alexander Technique Congress


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course code: WS557

macdonald variations

giora pinkas, presenting at the Alexander Technique Congress 2015 yehuda kuperman, presenting at the Alexander Technique Congress 2015

with giora pinkas and yehuda kuperman
monday aug 10, 14:00 - 16:00
venue: C1-060, Main Building (level 1)

H hands on

Giora and Yehuda will combine their parallel teaching (and training) experiences - 96 years to be precise - to reflect on and demonstrate how harmonious and enriching variation in teaching can be.

It all started in 1964 at 16 Ashley Place, where they've trained together with two very different teachers - Patrick Macdonald and Peter Scott. Since that time Yehuda and Giora have not only grown older... but have developed and grown in their individual approach to teaching. Though living in different Continents, they kept in touch over the decades, collaborated and learned to appreciate each other's unique ways of expression of this craft and art... that the Alexander Technique is.

Chair, table as well as application work will take place.

P.S Please be advised: due to age limitations, expect memory lapses, unplanned naps and the such :).

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