Actively engaged in a continuous learning session at Alexander Technique Congress


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course code: WS583

stability, embodiment and emotional resilience: horses as models for understanding neutral posture

elizabeth reese, presenting at the Alexander Technique Congress 2015

with elizabeth reese
friday aug 14, 14:00 - 16:00
venue: A1-054, Main Building (level 1)

A activity   O other (horse riding)

What is a Stable Neutral Posture and what is Normal Compensatory Posture? What is the relationship of instability to emotional resilience? What can the horse/human interaction teach us about hands-on work? To communicate with the ‘whole self’ requires a sense of play and propriety in each interaction. The relationship of space, weight, sensations, stability, emotion, gesture and thought are all a part of the embodied experience and all are guided by intention. In this workshop, Elizabeth will present both didactic and practical work gleaned from her years with the Postural Rehab team as well as her life-long relationship with horses.

For the past ten years, Elizabeth has taught a continuing education seminar for veterinarians called Postural Rehabilitation with Judith Shoemaker, DVM, and Karen Gellman, PhD, DVM, The course was inspired by Dr. Shoemaker’s remarkable work rehabilitating horses by restoring their postural stability. Their work together led to a research study in 2014 funded by the American Holistic Veterinarian Association. 'The team teaching I’ve done with these two women, as well as the work with both the four legged and two legged clients, has deepened and enriched my understanding and practice of the Alexander Technique.'



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