Actively engaged in a continuous learning session at Alexander Technique Congress


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course code: WS584

applying spiral thinking to hands on work

brooke lieb, presenting at the Alexander Technique Congress 2015

with brooke lieb
friday aug 14, 14:00 - 16:00
venue: IW2-041, Irish World Academy Building (level 2)

H hands on

In this class, we will explore how thinking through spirals, and adding more functional rotational movement in the teacher's use can facilitate a more dynamic response through our student's system.

We will explore different ways to engage our own and our student's thinking to include the three dimensionality of rotation and spirals in the way we apply the directions. We will also look at hands-on placements and maneuvers that enhance the overt experience of lengthened rotation and support for the student.

Unwinding through the system by means of inhibition allows for the postural system to express itself elegantly and without effort. We will also have time to explore and innovate as we exchange work and discover other applications for these ideas.

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