Actively engaged in a continuous learning session at Alexander Technique Congress


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course code: WS619

performance, pain and posture

ann shoebridge, presenting at the Alexander Technique Congress 2015

with ann shoebridge
monday aug 10, 14:00 - 16:00
venue: CG-058, Main Building (ground level)

F alexander principles   G music

Musicians face the very real probability of experiencing pain or other injuries from playing their instruments, with around half of all musicians from school age through to professionals reporting musculoskeletal problems at any one time. The high prevalence and persistence of playing-related injuries in musicians led Alexander Technique teacher and physiotherapist Ann Shoebridge into researching risk factors associated with injury. These include excessive muscle tension while playing, insufficient exercise, inadequate rest breaks during practice, and physical and emotional stressors.

Because musicians often identify “poor posture” as a major contributor to playing-related injuries, Ann is also developing a theory of optimal posture for musicians using interviews with music teachers, physiotherapists and Alexander Technique teachers.

In this lecture presentation, Ann will discuss risk factors for playing-related injury in the light of skills and strategies Alexander Teachers have to offer, and why these skills and strategies are especially useful for musicians.

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